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Chimney Sweeping Services

Puffin Chimneys is a professional family-run chimney sweeping company. Our upfront prices start at £65 for a single domestic chimney sweep and we also offer commercial chimney sweeping, surveys, and servicing in the Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone areas.

We are proud members of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps and pride ourselves on the quality, efficiency, and cleanliness of our services.

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When & Why to Sweep?

Kent Fire & Rescue recommends the following frequency;

  • At least twice a year if your burn logs

  • At least once a year if you burn coal

They state; Chimneys need to be regularly swept because when wood or coal is burnt, gasses are given off. These can turn into soot as well as tar (creosote) which builds up and sticks to the inside of the chimney. When this happens chimneys can catch fire. Sometimes birds’ nests, loose bricks and other debris can also fall into a chimney, acting as extra fuel.

We recommend sweeping at least once a year before you start using your fire or stove to remove any soot and debris that has built up inside the chimney and to make sure it is not blocked. We'll also provide you with a yearly certificate for home insurance peace of mind.

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houses with different roof colors

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Here's what our customers say...

”I would never use anyone else, Tom is so respectful of our home. He clearly knows his stuff and I'm always so grateful for how diligent he is with cleaning afterwards!.”

- Joy Butler

”I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Puffin Chimneys. We've got such a fiddly fireplace but Tom did such a thorough job and he really brightened our day with his sense of humor too!”

- Fraser Bell

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